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Unitysolve™ Dummy 13

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Color: Orange


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Product Size: About 14 cm

Features:  Multi-Jointed Movable 

Material:  Plastics (Safe for Kids)

Function: Children's toys / Novelty toys / Decorations / Gifts



Free Accesories Included!

All of our toys comes with a set of accesories included for free, as well as different hand gestures to fully personalize your Dummy toy.


Amazing Poses For Artists!

Our figures are excellent tools for artists, whether beginners or experienced, to help with drawing poses.




Interchangable Pieces!

Our Dummy toy is 100% detachable allowing you to combine pieces and make up to +100.000 combinations!



Huge Variety Of Colours!

Introducing the Dummy in a wide variety of colors. Choose your favorite! Explore the vibrant world of possibilities with our colorful Dummy.



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David C. review of Multi-Jointed Dummy 13




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